Two more days brings me to Cali- we pushed reasonably hard today and made it the last (reasonably flat) 150km. Weather was excellent for cycling- there was a little cloud cover, and around 1000m it’s warm (middle twenties), but pleasantly so.

Yesterday had a bit more up and down- fields and fields of coffee, before descending to Pereira. We overnighted in a town called La Victoria – a reasonable sized town, though a little off the main road, so our arrival attracted a fair amount of attention. It was grape country too, it turns out- the pulpy grape juice sold at the side of the road was excellent.

Today was mostly through fields of Caña- here it’s on quite a big industrial scale though, so not so many stalls with arequipe or panela which were so common further north. The road from Pereira runs down a long relatively narrow plain- Cali nestles against enormous mountains that tower over it to the west. I won’t have to deal with those in particular, but I will have to climb a lot before I get to see the Pacific.

The border with Ecuador is about 470km south from here- some hard work to get there, so I’m going to stay in Cali for a day or two first.