I left my bike and most of my luggage in Cali, and got the bus some hours north to the small Andean town of Salento. Now bypassed by the main road, the town has much more of a colonial feel than most places I’ve been.
Packed out for the holiday weekend, I was lucky to find a bed at Lili’s hostel– excellent, as it turned out. The town square buzzes with people and music- lots of musicians and people dancing in the street at night.
We spent the evening playing Tejo– a traditional Colombian sport involving trying to hit small paper folds of gunpowder with a heavy metal puck..

Today we headed up into the Cocoro valley in a packed jeep, and walked up into the nature reserve and hummingbird sancuary there. The hills are beautiful, and the rivers extremely cold. (I wasn’t brave enough to go swimming).

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll catch the bus to Cali – there is cycling to be done.