The final push to the border with Ecuador- some steep climbing (up to 3200, down to 1700, back up to 2900..) ..but am safely in Ipiales.
It’s noticeably chillier here- the sun is still warm (less than a degree north of the equator), but the wind is cold. The rain hasn’t been more than a smirr for a few days, but there is always lightning on the horizon.

I met another panamericanista today- Simon from Stuttgart, so I’m in company on the road once more.

We stopped briefly in a town today that was celebrating midsummer- or rather the birth of the sun god. The whole village was out- traditional Andean music was being performed live on the town square/football field amid much dancing and merry making. I had a big dram of aguardiente (it would’ve been impolite to refuse..) which probably didn’t make the next hill easier. Or did; I’m not sure.

Upon arriving in Ipiales, la policia took some exception to our seemingly unwise choice of street to look for a hotel- three of them escorted us to somewhere better- holding up the busy city centre traffic where necessary, much to our amusement and that of local kids. Gringos con bicicletas.

Tomorrow? Ecuador.