Back in the desert.. my gps implored me to follow the PanAm all the way to Lima, but I ignored both that and the sign forbidding bicycles on the Serpentín de Pasamayo.
Steep sandy slopes on both sides- disappearing into the mist above to my left, and meeting the Pacific below to the right.
Eventually the bleakness gave way to more traffic, population, and the sprawling city that is Lima. Not knowing how to contact Aunt Lucy, I braved the chaotic streets to the south of the city where Cally had kindly agreed to put me up.

Not being sure if I’d cycle that way, I left my bike in Lima and got a bus to Nazca- not the prettiest town, but a good place to catch a flight over the Nazca Lines. It’s easy to understand why flying early in the day is recommended- even in (relatively) calm air, the flight wasn’t smooth.
Harder to fathom is what might have been the intention of those who constructed the geoglyphs. Whatever the reason, the desert floor is an incredible canvas- the scale and precision is impressive to say the least.
(Photos are on my other camera- I haven’t found a computer capable of extracting them yet)

I stopped off in Ica on the way back to Lima- the whole town partied all night, literally painting the streets. An ostensibly Christian celebration, though I suspect with rather more ancient and local roots.