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Long way round to the south coast, then back and over the string road

A wee walk in the hills while winter still lingers. At one point I was woken by bright moonlight shining in my eyes, and was more than a little surprised to see a large stag inspecting me from less than ten metres away; I bravely lay very still (rigid with fear) and eventually drifted off to sleep.

(the Culra Bothy has an as-yet unresolved asbestos problem, hence sleeping outside)

Remarkably good weather most of the time saw us reach Trondheim on schedule – here are some photos from along the way..

A different adventure beckons – this time in chilly Norwegian waters. Dr C departed Oslo yesterday, aboard ‘Karuna’, bound for Trondheim; Adam and Ola are already with him, and I’ll be joining them today at Kristiansand for the rest of the way. I imagine I’ll get wet on this one, and learn a little about sailing along the way. Needless to say I’ve packed plenty of biscuits, and my red beanie.